2017-06-27 13:08:02 by ChibiAshley

I have a redbubble shop. If you want to check it out here is the link:


2017-05-13 07:22:36 by ChibiAshley

Officially 20 years now


2016-12-24 15:26:34 by ChibiAshley

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I hope all of you have a great time.


2016-12-10 14:48:47 by ChibiAshley

Bought some paints. Can't wait to try them. Unfortunately I have exams :(. So I have to wait and study :/


2016-11-13 07:07:30 by ChibiAshley

Feeling so inspired right now. I want to draw!!


2016-11-06 14:32:29 by ChibiAshley

Hi hi

So, I am very busy with school right now (stupid tests). I won't have much time to upload new drawings. Hope you all will understand. 

Halloween drawing

2016-10-31 10:45:58 by ChibiAshley

Hey Everybody

My Halloween drawing is now up. Really proud of how it turned out. Happy Halloween everybody. I wish my country celebrated Halloween. I like dressing up as creepy characters.


2016-10-28 16:05:50 by ChibiAshley

I just finished my halloween drawing. Of course I'll be posting it on Halloween. I'm also really exited for other Halloween art. Especially the creepy art.